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Radio frequency Ablation


EP Study:

This is a study which is done to evaluate the electrical system of the heart. Heart is an organ which has a capacity to contract on its own with every cell of the heart having the capacity to generate electrical impulses.

The electrical impulse of the heart originates in a group of cells called the sinoatrial node (SA Node) and then travels to other areas of the heart through a very specific pathway. With a normal conduction system, the heart maintains a steady resting heart rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute.


In some circumstances, abnormal impulses may originate from other areas of the heart. This could happen when the normal conduction system is diseased and results in very slow or very fast heart rates.

All these abnormalities are studied using EP study Based on the abnormality, appropriate treatment like Radio frequency ablation or Pacemaker implantation is done.


This is a technique where the abnormal circuits in the heart are identified by EP study and a burn is given in that area to stop extra and abnormal impulses.


It is an artificial pulse generator which is placed subcutaneously and it helps to maintain the heart rate.

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